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About Bikman Wei

Bikman Wei, an artist based in Amsterdam, delves into the fusion of art and technology. Bikman graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht, and offers a plethora of emotions and ideas via mediums including film, design, installation, and music. Having lived and studied in Singapore, The Netherlands, and England, Bikman hails from Inner Mongolia, China.

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Bikman Wei project Touchable Sound

Touchable Sound

Touchable Sound is a project that aims to facilitate the deaf community or hard-of-hearing individuals to "hear" music and movies with enhensed haptic feedback via a handheld device.

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Bikman Wei Documentary project to me in 10 years

To Me in 10 Years

To Me in 10 Years is a documentary project that started at the end of 2019. I tried to interview all my friends and family in The Netherlands, Belgium, China, and Kenya. In total, more than 120 people participated in this project. The interviewees talked about their lives during the three-year pandemic and speculated on their lives in ten years. The first video will be released in 2029.

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Bikman Wei project 喜鹊 - Magpie

喜鹊 - Magpie

Magpie is a theme song I wrote for documentary film Tao - Fighting for Football in China in 2018. [music]

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Bikman Wei Damn You Look Good Today

Damn You Look Good Today

Damn You Look Good Today or "#DYLGT" is a social exprimental art project born during my study in the art school. The idea is simple: It's easy to compliment someone's car, but appreciating someone's appearance can be a daunting task. This yellow card comes in to help people make that first move.

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